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Fresh from his other sky fall with the Queen on Friday, James Bond has taken off his parachute and is back in this new and highly anticipated trailer. Bond and the Queen or Bond and Judi Dench, it’s a tough call as to which is the more exciting pairing.

Lovely Judi has made a mistake. Actually, two mistakes. She has lost a drive containing the identity of every agent embedded in terrorist organisations across the globe. She’s also done something to really annoy Javier Bardem, who if possible looks even more unattractive in this than he did in No Country for Old Men.

Winner of the hair competition is Ben Whishaw as Q, whose fringe looks particularly lustrous as he shows Bond his new palm-recognising gun, though Bérénice Marlohe only loses out because her hair gets wet in the shower. Bond doesn’t seem to mind.

So the ladies fall for Bond’s charms while he falls off bridges and doesn’t fall off trains and runs around underground stations not falling over. Bond is back in business, and he knows it.  Check out that wink.

Skyfall is released in UK cinemas on 26 October 2012.


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